Forage. Forest. Food.

In 2020 my husband and two children decided it was time for us to make the move north with the intentions of becoming more self sufficient. We had no idea how we would do this, but we took the leap and have never looked back. Ontario, Canada is a beautiful place to live with what feels like endless coniferous forests. The forest is abundant with food and healing medicine that can harvested all year round.   During the pandemic, I was reminded of the natural health benefits and positive affects pine tree's have on humans. I did as much research as I could around this topic, learning to identify all the coniferous tree's on my 8 acres of land and how each part of the tree has a purpose and use. After trying every pine-tree needle tea, I was hooked on the stuff! Each coniferous tree has it's own unique flavour and I have to say that balsam fir needles are my favourite. Once, I added some peppermint leaves with my pine tea and WOW! The soothing and uplifting flavour was amazing and I just felt so good after drinking a cup. I have played around with all the needles and pitch and created some of my own health conscience concoctions that make my tea's unique and tasty. 

With deep appreciation I hand harvest all my needles. Nature has a symbiotic relationship with us and when I set my intentions to harvest with gratitude, nearly every time I find large branches full of needles that have been knocked off the tree.  It feels like the forest "gifts" me the food and medicine I need when I pay close attention to what I am doing. Wondering around deep in the woods hunting for pine is my favourite part of my business, and my day-to-day life. It's well know that the forest just feels good to be in. It activates all your senses all while bringing you a sense of peace and clarity.  I am so grateful to the forest and all the customers that support our business.

 Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting my small family business. 
 I pray the tree's gift everyone who consumes their needles with a healthy body, a well and clear mind, and abundance where ever they need it. 

Thank you,
Coniferous Concoctions

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